Right Of Way Maintenance

Row Services in Albany, GA

You should turn to FSC Construction And Land Management for ROW services. Our ROW team knows about dealing with surface damage agreements and obtaining right-of-way for pipelines carrying heavy crude, natural gas, and NGLs, as well as for electrical utilities and wind farms. We evaluate potential sites, aid in figuring out viability, and offer GIS maps of possible construction sites and routes. Our drive to utilize the most recent technologies and consistently act morally provides us with the edge in a constantly changing environment.

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A comprehensive pipeline depth survey ties together all depth readings with GPS coordinates, land uses, and pipeline characteristics to give risk assessors the most data possible. It is also easy to identify ROW growth, pipeline marker evaluation, test postcondition, 3rd parties operations, washouts, inhabited residences, and property owner encroachment. Our ROW services in Albany, GA, use tried-and-true reporting guidelines or modify data to fit pre-existing GIS models.

Relevant Services We Offer

We serve as an excellent continuation of our clients since we recognize your projects’ importance. Our continuing success in the field is built on the pillars of communication, respect, and transparency. Services furthermore include:


Our professionals have the expertise and equipment to effectively manage your forested land, from clearing underbrush and removing dead or diseased trees to grinding stumps and spreading mulch. Our mulching services are designed to promote healthy growth, reduce erosion, and provide habitat for wildlife.

Land Clearing (Deforestation)

Our land clearing services are designed to provide safe and efficient removal of trees, vegetation, and other obstacles to help prepare your land for new construction, agriculture, or any other land use purpose.