Aerial Lifts & Telehandler Services

Aerial Lifts & Tele Handler Services in Albany, GA

All types of aerial equipment are our area of expertise at FSC Construction And Land Management. We provide the gear and equipment and repair and maintain it. Each of our maintenance plans is customized for your type of machinery and the region it works in. We can assist with your aerial gear repair and servicing needs and get your equipment back to work, whether you want a scheduled tele handler maintenance program customized to your operation, make, and model of machinery. Following a comprehensive preventive maintenance and inspection routine is the best way to guarantee that your tele handlers and boom lifts will continue to perform at their highest level. We ensure they work effectively and help you retain productivity with little downtime.

Why Choose Us

With 30 years of expertise fixing all different types of aerial machinery and high-work platforms, we are fully aware of the potential problems that could arise with your equipment and the associated costs. With routine, professional maintenance and a long-term predictive maintenance plan, we also know how to avoid those potentially expensive issues.

Relevant Services We Offer

We know to rapidly and accurately accomplish your tele handler, boom lift service, and maintenance jobs thanks to decades of experience, factory training, and continual professional development.

Repair & Maintenance

FSC Construction And Land Management is a full-service construction company specializing in aerial lifts and tele handler repair and maintenance services. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing prompt, professional, and reliable service to all our clients.

Heavy Duty Machinery Care & Follow-up

We can also provide you with heavy-duty machinery care and follow-up services, ensuring that your equipment performs at its best. From routine service and maintenance to complex repairs, we have you covered.